About Brewmasters

As the interest and desire for craft beer and made-to-order sandwiches grows in Eastern NC, Brewmasters offers a wide selection of beer, wine, and food in one location. Brewmasters of Wilson opened in 2013 and relocated to our current building in 2015. We expanded to our Goldsboro location in 2017. Locally owned and operated (we are not a franchise!), Brewmasters supports many community events and organizations in Wilson, Goldsboro, and the greater Eastern NC area. Most of all, Brewmasters strives to bring you the best beer and food that we can!

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Brewmasters Loyalty Program

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About the Brewmasters Team

The Crazy Folks That Serve You Beer

Meet Morkos- The man with the plan and the cool kid on campus. Do you know someone who makes their own mayonnaise? Now you do! He’s going to be the man who always wears a hat and will make sure you have a bitchin time. Sours are his neck of the woods.

Meet Ethan- You will probably find this fellow out with the Whalez. The name of the game is to guess his middle name. He can show you some dance moves and brews. Wild Ales are Ethan’s cure for the common beer.

Meet Gray- He is a photojournalistic beer lover. Gray is into it all! IPA’s and scotch ales are his great escapes. He will make you feel right at home.

Meet Haley- If there is a chicken, it will get fed. This inexplicable person lifts kegs for fun! She will point you in the right direction for any of your needs. She likes them thick and dark, that is brews we are talking about.

Meet Jimmy- The recycle guy from Colorado. I promise he isn’t ignoring you, he’s just staring off into space wondering how he ended up in Wilson. IPA’s are his most sought after style. Our home brewer of the bunch, he can probably answer any question you have about beer.

Meet Justin- Featured in Brew Scene magazine about Eastern NC’s Craft Brew, he is the one you can’t miss. He eats our biggest sandwich on the menu almost every week, “The Brewdozer”. Justin doesn’t discriminate styles; he likes them all!

Brewmasters Amazing Employees
Brewmasters Employees at Morkos' Wedding

The Ladies Cooking Up Your Delicious Sandwiches

Meet Ms. Kim- AKA Momma! She is the ruler of the kitchen and is going to make sure your food is fit for royalty. I promise she isn't yelling at you, she just wants you to come get your food. She might be able to be bribed with miniature piglets!

Meet Nikki- This woman has a pretty neat mosquito repellent recipe she may just release if you ask. She's going to work until she falls out. And no, that's not her boyfriend, it's her son!

Meet Patsy- You'd better watch out for this one because she's part vampire. She never sleeps and uses the wee hours of the night to do some bad ass baking. She is the supplier of all things sweet.

All website photos by Autumn Harrison Photography, Ethan Bullock, and Gray Whitley.